What is eDisk

eDisk is an online data file storage where you can upload, backup and share all your data. Now you can create shared data networks with your friends. eDisk can easily handle large files, which email doesn't. Simply sign up and try eDisk for free.


Downloading and uploading makes no time wasted. eDisk is connected to high speed internet lines transferring at speed of 1 000 Mbps.


eDisk has a 24/7 technical support available. We have our servers protected againts power loss with UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for 24 hours. Users data are shielded with firewall and back-up mechanisms.


Users registration data are considered highly confidential as represented by a 101/2000 Sb. law of personal privacy protection. These are strictly for eDisk application internal purposes. Your personal information will not in any way be used for sending unclaimed messages and will not be sold or delivered to third party.


Your account is available at all time from every computer connected to internet. In case you need it, you can allow other people to access your account as well.


All data transferred between your web browser and eDisk servers are encrypted with a 256 bit SSL. Access to all of your files is protected by a username and a password.

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